Personal Development Retreats

$800 all inclusive, for 2 people.  2 nights retreat stay. See full details below.

Personal Development Retreat Stay

2 Days – total reset

$1,000 for 2 people. Includes 2 nights stay, breakfast and lunch both days and the personal development options detailed below. Single person $800

Choose 5 hours of content for each day, includes every option listed below. Meals and rest time are in addition to the 5 hours of course content daily.

Become someone who savours the best life has to offer.

Someone with the freedom and resources to purposefully sculpt reality to your advantage.

It all begins now when you make this simple choice to take two days for your wellbeing.

Nourish your body, mind and soul with some well deserved pampering.

Learn things that you can apply to everyday life that make life so much easier.

We help you identify and clear the blocks stopping you reaching your goals.

How to break habits, create new ones and deal to negative stress successfully.

Over the two days we offer

Explore the Mind/Body connection

Fun, interactive and inspiring ways to use your mind and body to create your desired emotional state. Gain health and happiness, validated by science and proven to work.

Duration – 2 Hours

Immunity insights

How to naturally keep your immunity strong. Investigating the role of food, stress and environment. Keep it simple, keep it strong.

Duration – 1 Hour

Massage, reiki or reflexology

Dissolve all the physical tension and rebalance the body. Receive some ‘body bliss’ on one, or both days.

Duration – 1 hour or 90 min option


An immune boosting, satisfying LUNCH that is nutritious and delicious. Nutrition information and recipes to take away.

A full discussion of plant based options to replace the nasties. True health is an inside job!

Duration – 1-2 Hours

Stress management

Learn unique easy techniques to stop negative stress. Plug those energy drainers and gain freedom

Duration – 2 Hours

Breathing well

Breathe away anxiety and feel instantly calm and energized. Turbo boost your brain power. Once you know how, you can use it anywhere, anytime.

Duration – 45 min

Goal setting and self discovery

Identify your true desires and the blocks that have been stopping you from seeing the results.

Duration – 2-3 Hours


Ditch a stubborn habit or fear. Create success in any area by rewiring your brain.

Duration – 90 min

Yoga flow

Gentle slow focussed movement to deeply calm the nervous system and ease up stiff joints. The most powerful way to release pain.

Duration – 90 min


A guided meditation which is antiinflammatory, calming and proven to be anti aging. One you can take home with you to do again and again.

Duration – 40 min

Mindfulness and NLP (neuro linguistic programming)

Ways to make your mind and thoughts match. Stop overthinking. Simple ways to avoid ‘going down the rabbit hole’ with your thoughts.

Duration – 1-3 Hours

Fast track to Abundance

(love, money, friendship, career). How to free and calm your mind, to allow abundance to come to you in all forms.

Duration – 1-2 Hours

Visualization techniques

To shift your thinking to positive and productive.

Duration – 1 Hour

Happiness Hacks

Get those endorphins flowing to keep you glowing.

Duration – 1 Hour

And so much more!

Email us to discuss what you wish to achieve from your retreat weekend. (times above vary so we can tailor it to match your desired outcomes).

It is hard to define what makes what we offer so valuable and unique.

That is why we offer you a money back guarantee. Please note,  if your booking needs to be moved due to Covid, we will gladly oblige. However, no refunds.

.Be enlightened, inspired, loaded with useful tools, and feel amazing. That is our goal for you.

Our satisfaction comes from your success.

The retreat is the beginning – we offer you (optional) ongoing support via video call, zoom, email or phone.

There is a 5 min meditation I can email or text you each day. Each has a powerful thought to hold and contemplate for the day. This extends your personal development for a further 21 days after your weekend! Resources and workbook provided.

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