We are all looking for a better more fulfulling life, but are we looking in the right places?

My life for many years was, partying hard, binge drinking, having unhealthy relationships, over working and obsessing about body image.

Always looking for that escape from reality. I used to pretend I was ok, when in fact I was lost, out of control and powerless. I was very negative, had no self-confidence, self worth or direction in life. I lacked support and failed to find the right tools suited to me.


Unfortunately, we have all fallen for quick fixes, programs or self help books that continue to make us feel like we are failing. We have endless information available to us, yet we are still so unhappy.

Is it because we are fed the wrong messages, or we’ve tried something that doesn’t work for us, and then we just give up. Settle for the mediocre life, like most people around us. So that makes it ok…right? Thinking that’s just how life is and has to stay.

At times what we THINK we want or should do, isn’t what we NEED.

This is what has lead me on a 30 year journey gathering many skills, qualifications and experiences to offer within my business.

I decided to make it my mission to put all the pieces together, addressing what matter most and empowering people with choices.

I am passionate about helping you find your own unique balance and way of life. We are all different and you have your answers buried deep. There is no one size fits all formula!

Lets address the key areas in your life that interweave and impact each other. Find your truth and start living the life you really want.

Being aware, is the first step to freedom.

Nothing is more rewarding for me than being with you every step of the way to a life you love.

You are worthy of the best life has to offer.

Love, Freedom and Self-Responsibility are what guide me in everything I do.

“I am here to empower you with awareness, knowledge and skills to step forward into your own power and enjoy your life fully”

Create your ideal reality, within any reality.

Are you ready?



“I am are here to empower you with awareness, knowledge and skills to step forward into your own power and enjoy your life fully.”

See our testimonials page to gain an impression of how we have helped others.

Qualifications –

  • Teaching Degree (BEd) 2000
  • Massage therapist Diploma (NZ College of Massage) 2003
  • Personal training, Biochemistry of Nutrition (National Academy of Sport Science) 2005
  • Life coach (NZ Life Coaching Association, accredited provider) 2015
  • Santosha yoga – world alliance 200 hours 2016
  • Baby Bliss – pregnancy yoga 2017
  • Ashtanga yoga 500 hours – Mandala world alliance yoga Nepal – 2018
  • Rainbow yoga for children, Auckland – 2018
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy (New Zealand Hypnotherapy School) 2019
  • Psych-K facilitator 2019
  • Master Facilitator – Free your mind 2019
  • Wellbeing Retreat owner and operator 2008 – 2022

You will find us at 295B Minden Road, Te Puna, Tauranga

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