We have years of experience and a deep passion to help you shine.

Our satisfaction comes from your success.

Wellbeing requires several areas of life to be kept in balance.

It has taken us years of personal discovery and learning from many masters to bring us to the powerful answers of how to create life balance.

Being able to share these learnings and skills with you is our honour.

Immerse yourself in panoramic views and connect with nature. Wake to hear birds singing.

Gordon is a specialist in massage therapy, a reiki master, mindfulness coach, NLP (Neuro linguistic practitioner), Qi Gong instructor and intuitive healer.

Donna is a highly qualified yoga teacher, hypnotherapist, nutritionist, mental health and massage therapist.

“We are here to empower you with awareness, knowledge and skills to step forward into your own power and enjoy your life fully.”

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Gordon has many years of experience in massage therapy, often working with athletes and martial artists. This gave Gordon an intimate knowledge of how to release and repair the body.

With a great wit and very intuitive approach – Gordy is able to exceed your expectations with his ability, knowledge and insight.

If you love a straight shooter, who is refreshingly upbeat, wise and honest, with very caring ethics – then Gordy is for you!

With the ability to heal via firm massage, trigger points, nurturing massage, energy work (Reiki) and the power of laughter, Gordy offers a very powerful and unique pathway to physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Gordon is a qualified remedial massage therapist, mindfulness coach, mental health therapist, qi gong instructor and has an incredible ability as a teacher. You will laugh, have fun and be much wiser after some time with Gordon.


Donna is very inspiring with her drive to help you become the best that you can be. Having struggled with weight, overthinking, anxiety and ‘who am I really”, lead Donna to study health sciences, mental health, nutrition, massage therapy, yoga and personal training.  Donna is compassionate and supportive.

Seeing others also struggle with lack of time, uncertainty around life choices, self doubt, lack of joy, stress and powerlessness – inspired Donna to create a healing retreat.

I am a facilitator – empowering you on your journey to a  more joyful satisfying life

Qualifications –

  • Teaching Degree (BEd) 2000
  • Massage therapist Diploma (NZ College of Massage) 2003
  • Personal training, Biochemistry of Nutrition (National Academy of Sport Science) 2005
  • Life coach (NZ Life Coaching Association, accredited provider) 2015
  • Santosha yoga – world alliance 200 hours 2016
  • Baby Bliss – pregnancy yoga 2017
  • Ashtanga yoga 500 hours – Mandala world alliance yoga Nepal – 2018
  • Rainbow yoga for children, Auckland – 2018
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy (New Zealand Hypnotherapy School) 2019
  • Psych-K facilitator 2019
  • Master Facilitator – Free your mind 2019

You will find us at 295B Minden Road, Te Puna, Tauranga

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