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Begin a new love affair with food! Love what you eat and eat as much as you like…..’nutritious and healthy’ usually triggers ideas of boring, expensive, full of compromise, time consuming food. Offering realistic, budget friendly, time friendly meal and snack solutions. Best of all – super nutritious and tasty!

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Learn what nourishes, fills and does not fatten. How to make low cost, simple nutritious meals in minutes.   Take the time and fuss out of your meals. Easy ways to deal with fussy eaters, or those with special diet requirements.

Love what I teach you, or your money back! I have clients who have taken our advice, resources and strategies and lost over 20kg. In permanent enjoyable ways. No diets! No supplements!

Common areas that can be covered…

  • Feeling well with  great levels of energy.
  • The body/mind connection. Avoid habits and ruts that sabotage!
  • Common food additives – what they mean for you and your children.
  • How to eat well every day – no diets involved. Simple strategies to keep a check on yourself.
  • Gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, whole foods – simple and inexpensive.
  • Healthy fats, healthy heart.
  • Acid/Alkaline foods
  • Weight management.​

Focus – highly nourishing foods… that taste great, no compromise!

New fresh exciting ideas that will have you so full of energy. Forget the mid afternoon slump! When you incorporate these ideas you will wonder why you haven’t before.

Get to try and discuss all those products you have seen, heard of, and wondered about.

Understand why you are not being given relevant information for your own optimal health from doctors. Learn why nutritional information is often conflicting in the media.

I will provide you with the tools for your success. If you do not find the information life changing, informative and helpful I will gladly refund you.

Did you know eating 3 biscuits a day gives you a extra 5kg over a 12 month period.  So it doesn’t take much to put on weight…but at also means it doesn’t take much change to release weight either!

Let me know what areas are your challenge, and we focus on that. Is it reducing sugar, lunch ideas, healthy snacks? Whatever your challenge, we can address it.
$100 for 3 hours of cooking, eating and discussion.

About Me

  • Qualified in – Nutrition Advice & Wellness Coaching – Netfit Certified
  • Teaching – Degree B.ed.
  • Massage Dip. & Reflexology
  • Personal Training – Netfit Certified
  • Yoga Alliance 200
  • Fitness Instructor – Netfit Certified.
  • NZ Life Coaching Assoc -Accredited

A passionate foodie myself, with my own struggles behind me – Im here to guide, support and help you in every way I can.

I keep my mind, eyes and ears open. Constantly seeking new products, information and ideas. Bringing the very best to you!

Whatever information you are seeking, I can provide the resources you need – free.

Retreat Days

Join one of our retreat days where we cover essential mindfulness practices to ensure you do not fall into the diet trap! Realistic, permanent lifestyle solutions instead.

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