Mindfulness – The mind body connection

Mindfulness is purposeful awareness of the present moment. Accepting what is happening right now, with curiosity and without judgement. (doesn’t mean you have to like it). Knowing what you are feeling and feeling. Pause and respond skilfully. Instead of reacting based on your subconscious habits.

Mindfulness is like a muscle, it grows stronger the more we use it.

Gordon and Donna have an amazing ability to guide you to the life you want.
By showing you where your current thinking patterns , values and beliefs  have lead you away from what you thought you were creating.
Often we think our game plan is solid, yet the results aren’t there. So frustrating!
Are you tired of the hamster wheel of self limitation?
We empower you with understanding and tools so that you can ‘self check’ and forge you own unique path to where you really want to be in life.
Free your mind by clearing the subconscious mind of negative beliefs. Dr Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief – shows us how everything in our reality is a reflection of our beliefs about the world. Easily changed, permanently and fast with Psych-K techniques.
A philosophy for Success
Keep your beliefs positive because….
Your beliefs become your thoughts
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
Your values become your destiny…….Gandhi
See this example below of what appears to be good planning and goal setting….then see Gordon’s response for it to really work.

Clients Goal Setting

Start a food log

Being aware of what you’re eating and seeing where you are messing up.
Also to write down emotions, or what went on in the say to pin pint why you are eating the way you’re eating.

Just say No!

Don’t be a weak person, just say no to the sweet shit that will be put in front of you to challenge you. You don’t need something sweet after dinner, save it for the special occasions. Choose good quality sweet chocolate, not the cheap shit that you’re eating just because… then you will know quality, not just addiction.

Smaller Portions

You’re not going to die/starve. Never go back for seconds (unless special occasion like skyline dinners). Honestly – you don’t need it.


Why so many excuses? Thursdays you don’t have Mika so, let that be your exercise day. Gus will thank you. Your body will thank you. Money isn’t an excuse either –
maybe if you’d stop spending money on food you’d have money for gym/classes. Enquire and try.

Gordys Response
“what you have written is good but its based in negativity.
your subconscious that drives all of this works on feelings and pictures.
it is the passion you feel about your goals that will drive you to the end result.
basically you have written a list of faults and telling yourself to get your shit together.
just like the school teacher points out your marks and inability to concentrate. he tells you to work harder and get your life sorted or youre going no where.
you smile and think ‘hes a dick’ your subconscious then kicks in and finds all the feelings of not being good enough, no one understands me, blah blah.
you have placed yourself in position of the teacher, telling yourself off, the end result is the same at a sub level.
to find the passion to reach your goals – talk in feelings and as though you have already reached your goals, in a positive way.
for example – I love the way i feel and look. i am so hot and confident, a confidence that comes from knowing who i am and embracing that with pride.
it feels so amazing to run around at the park with the girls and not feel tired.
i love the feeling of waking up in the morning refreshed and vitalised. spiritually excited to go out in the world and have fun.
i love that i fit size ?? and hubby looks at me with pride, even tho he loves me at any size, i love the feeling of being loved and feeling great in my own body.
im so pleased that when i started this journey i kept a food diary, especially to check my emotions around food. i learnt so much about myself.
it was such fun finding better ways to deal with my emotions rather than ‘eating them’.
i truly understand that its not what im eating, but whats eating me!
i now have an amazing skill set to help my daughters. that simple statement makes me feel so proud of me. i am the most amazing mother.
my daughters have watched  and listened to me as i have gone thru this amazing transformation and growth.
i have been an example to them of how its important to eat well to live well, and have fun.
what i truly love and feel so good about is that i have achieved this for me, first and foremost!
for those i choose to share my life with, they get to see the results and they get to experience my new level of energy.
i achieved this for me because i am worth it. i love the way i feel and i am proud of my results.”

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