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“The retreat is so peaceful”

My husband and I stayed at Health Miracles over the weekend. Donna and Gordy were so accomodating and welcoming. The retreat is so peaceful, and if you really love nature, it’s the perfect spot for you!! My husband and I also received massages that left us so relaxed. This place is wonderful & we will definitely be back!

Haylee – 16/11/2020

“The massage and the breakfasts provided were truly amazing”

Blimmin awesome! Quintin. – There comes a time in the journey of life when our travelling soul needs a restful sojourn. This is the place. Complete down time, rest, relaxation, nourishing food and peace. The retreat cabin hideaway is very luxurious and the bed is very comfortable. The massage and the breakfasts provided were truly amazing. The energy is very good around the place and healing. Worth every dollar you spend.
Thank you so much for your valuable time Gordy and Donna. Learned life changing skills for communicating as a couple, and waking up to a conscious awareness to living a better life. Thanks for everything.

Lydia – 16/06/2020

“I used the shoulder skills and he was amazed”

My husband said my massage was really relaxing and I used the shoulder skills and he was amazed. I could see it as he melted into his chair. So neat to see. Thank you for such an awesome hands on course. Lovely to met you both and your lunches were delish. Thanks so so much.

Debbie – 01/06/2020

“BIG thank you to you and Gordy. The whole experience has been amazing!”

BIG thank you to you and Gordy. The whole experience has been amazing!

I have come home feeling ‘different’ inside, like a pureness of me, a freedom and lightness within me that is hard to explain in words. I have thought for some time now that I have lived a confident self yet now I am unsure as to how accurate that sense was as there is  a vibrancy inside me now that I havent before felt. I am speaking my truth with ease and sharing my feelings and thoughts openly without first sensoring them to protect others. My communication isnt harsh or hard, its simply a truth being delivered in a very pure, gentle manner without hesitations. My whole being is different.

Jill – 19/03/2020

“Your hospitality is Ace!”

Kia ora! Donna and Gordon Firstly! Want to say a big thankyou to you both! Your time..your patience..your aroha and your energy in the weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed my experience and meeting you both.  Your hospitality is Ace! Donna! Your lunches were so! Soul food. Just an amazing person.. your hubby Gordon! also a beautiful soul with a fantastic knowledge to pass on to anyone and everyone!

Tina & Hemi – 19/02/2020

“Magical blessing to my body and mind”

I have been coming to Donna for years now for massage. I always come out floating and feeling as if I have been given a wonderful and magical blessing to my body and mind. I am always so grateful.

Tania Vinson – 11/04/2019

“Thank you for sharing your expertise”

I really enjoyed the course at the weekend, and my first efforts at a foot massage last night were much appreciated!  Thank you for sharing some of your vast knowledge and expertise.

Catherine Gee – 19/03/2019

“I love your holistic approach”

I’d just like to say again how beneficial your course was for me. Getting to see the way you take more of a holistic approach was incredibly inspiring. It has started me on a exciting path that was calling me for a long time but that ridiculous notion associated with massage being a sensual/sexual thing was what held me back. Seeing you and Gordy in action really helped me understand exactly what my own intentions are, which is healing. Strangely enough I found that I was most nervous about massaging my partner until we had the conversation to declare that there was no obligation or expectation of it being sexual. Once we had set that intention we both felt so much better and it turned out it was quite important for him to know that so he could enjoy receiving a massage and be comfortable with the idea of me massaging others. Thanks again for all the effort you put in to teaching us.

Jana– 11/3/2019

“Donnas amazing massages that rebalance my body”

I have been going to Donna regularly for massages for approximately 6 years now. I fell off a roof, and as a result my back at times goes out of alignment and I suffer from migraines. I refrain from pain killers and attribute the pain relief I do get to Donnas amazing massages that rebalance my body. Both Donna and Gordy are highly qualified in their abilities and walk the talk with diet and lifestyle balance. An amazing and very talented couple.

Heather Bonk – 8/3/2019

“Utmost Respect and Trust, The man with the Golden Hands”

Utmost Respect and Trust, The man with the Golden Hands. It has been many years since a dear friend introduced me to Donna and Gordy and it has been the best decision and advice that I will treasure always. After a bad experience from early massages with other therapists they have restored my trust enormously that I have regular monthly massages. As I try to age gracefully unfortunately the body doesn’t behave how it use too even though my brain is still pushing me to drive myself harder and further. Gordy possesses the Skill, expertise and knowledge to release all those knots and ailments to realign my body back to where it should be. I always leave, feeling like I could take on the world. He has such golden hands and I trust him unconditionally knowing that he will “fix me”. I admire Gordy’s wit and brutal honesty! no bells and whistle tell it like it is attitude!, which gives me not only a great massage, an ab workout also from laughter! I absolutely love the new venue, so peaceful with spectacular views that relaxes you completely. Gordy and Donna are both amazing people that are stuck with me for life. So grateful and blessed!!

Robbie Diederen – 11/2/2019

“We highly recommend Gordy’s methods and light humour”

My husband saw Gordy due to back pain. After many attempts at other main stream operators that were unsuccessful Gordy managed to get him back up on his feet. We highly recommend Gordy’s methods and light humour. Donna and Gordy have always been a pleasure to deal with. Paula & Cam.

Paula Thomson – 19/2/2019

“I honestly attribute my massage to making me feel younger each year”

I am privileged to have a massage from Gordy for several years and this enables me to continue to lead a healthy, pain free and happy life.  I honestly attribute my massage to making me feel younger each year so I am very grateful and humble to be a client.  Thank you so much.

Karen Carter – 14/02/2019

“Gordy & Donna are immensely knowledgeable, skillful, and intuitive”

Both Gordy & Donna are immensely knowledgeable, skilful, and intuitive.  The massages I have recently received from Gordy have been deeply relaxing and brought relief from both chronic fatigue and acute pain and tension in my shoulder, beyond what I had learned to expect from an ordinary massage therapist. The massages even caused me to become more flexible. Gordy’s deep understanding of anatomy combined with his intuitive touch is relaxing and powerfully healing.

Donna is not only a very knowledgeable dietitian, but also an incredible life coach and accomplished yoga instructor.  Her all-encompassing approach to nutrition truly sets her apart from any other dietitian I was able to find. Whatever issue you are facing, at the core it is always more than just diet/nutrition; most of it starts with our thoughts and behaviours, and Donna helps you pin-point the exact cause of the problem. I’ve also had several yoga sessions with Donna which are a treat for any level student. She has a calm centered wisdom about her that makes everyone around her feel safe and calm. I like to say that my blood pressure drops 10 points whenever she walks into the room. She is a gifted instructor and a great role model of yogic balance and peacefulness, and I feel incredibly blessed to have her as an important part of my life.

Margie – 11/02/2019

“Donna and Gordon are excellent teachers with different teaching styles”

My search for a suitable introductory course for massage had been unsuccessful until I found Donna and Gordon. Due to work and lifestyles, all other courses seemed to be unsuitable due to length, in that they were too long or spread over many weeks or months, by correspondence or online, which I didn’t see the point in, if there was no direct assessment, or were too expensive. After initial contact, the correspondence was prompt and showed that they were interested in providing a tailored service that would suit me rather than just serving up the same “dish” to everyone. As my availability was limited they offered a few dates that would suit me, and I was provided with a private course that covered various subjects that appealed to me. Donna and Gordon are excellent teachers with different teaching styles and specialities so as to cover a broad spectrum and convey information and ideas in an efficient and productive manner. After completion of the course I have achieved more than I had hoped or expected. I have developed the skills and more importantly the confidence to perform healing massage on others, while expanding personal ideas and attitudes that will help me in my personal life. Additionally, Donna and Gordon freely offered suggestions for further reference material and books to increase my own knowledge at my own pace. I can not recommend this course more highly.

Alexander Oswald – 10/01/2019

“Truly enjoyable and practical weekend”

Thank you Gordy and Donna for sharing you knowledge. I am a practical person by nature and found the course structure and hands on approach to be the ideal way for me to learn. I truly enjoyable and practical weekend surrounded by lovely people. Looking forward to returning next year for some Rakhi massage training. Many thanks Ray x

Ray – 05/12/2018

“Wow what an awesome weekend”

Wow what an awesome weekend thank you Gordy and Donna, for sharing your expertise knowledge and skill with us. A weekend full of amazing people, wonderful food, take home treats and skills for life. See you next year, thank you again

Jan – 02/12/2018

“This was super valuable to me”

Thank you so much. This was super valuable to me and an honour to learn and work with Masters like yourselves. Thank you for being accommodating and the delicious food outings. I look forward to connecting with y’all again. Blessings to you both and a big ups to your ventures.

Sharon – 16/11/2018

“There is no one else I trust to do my massage”

I’ve been going to see Gordy for monthly massage for almost 10 years now. This is for preventative injury and to get a good tune up, especially with all the rigorous exercise I do and events I put my body through. There is no one else I trust to do my massage, get rid of any niggles or release any of the knots or pressure in my body. With the knowledge, experience and skill that Gordy possesses, I will continue to see him monthly for many years to come as he is the only one I have faith in, who knows my body, accepts that I train super hard and have full confidence in him to “fix me” whenever I get a little broken. Also the environment of the studio, the stunning views and serene setting cannot be beaten for the most amazing place to receive massage/treatment. I am thankful, grateful and feel super blessed to have Gordy’s magic wizard massage hands always!!

Mel G – 11/09/2018

“A lot of amazing positive feedback from staff”

We have had a lot of amazing positive feedback from staff, so much so, one of the staff has sent a hospice wide email commenting on the experience and asking who would be interested in coming back another day! Wishing you all the very best.

Waipuna Hospice – 09/06/2016

“Such a great experience”

My husband and I came to Donnas retreat day after starting to loose weight and explore healthier lifestyle, this was perfect timing for us. We gained so much information and inspiration from the day. Bought a steamer. my husband hasn’t had any steak in a month and has been up the mt four times a week since. After a bit of trial and error, even our 10 year old has come on board with lots of new choices. Such a great experience. Thank you

Donna – 10/03/2016

“Food is now my friend”

I brought my boot camp group to Donna as I found her approach to food made so much sense. Cut through all the diet nonsense and get results with Donna. I had lost 14kg and then worked harder and harder at boot camps. Not achieved anything more than hurting my body. I was getting frustrated! Then i met Donna who told me to focus on a nourishing diet rather than punishing my body. As a family we found all the foods and meals that suited us quite easily. The other 15kg i was carrying has fallen off and I feel great. Food is now my friend, and exercise isn’t punishment!

Leanne – 11/03/2016

“Well definitely recommend to all of our friends”

Thanks so much for a beautiful day. Gordy thanks for sorting Pablo’s back for him. Donna your knowledge has been a great motivator – we have taken away lots of info and yummy new recipes. Well definitely recommend to all of our friends.

Kate and Pablo – 18/11/2015

“The massage was great, just what we needed”

From the minute we arrived the experience was amazing. Gordie friendly welcome. The massage was great, just what we needed. Having a spa and sauna was a fantastic extra touch. After a lovely hot shower it was time to relax in the very comfortable bed. Breakfast consisted of sitting at the table looking out over the garden and seeing the beautiful scenery. We have had a great relaxing time, and look forward to more of the same experience again. PS would recommend to my friends.

Joyce and Ray Taylor – 22/11/2015

“Thanks for a delightful micro-break”

Thanks for a delightful micro-break Donna and Gordie. We thoroughly enjoyed the R&R, the massage, the brekkie and the restful environment. Thank you both for your warm hospitality. May God bless your lives.

Warren and Anita Parkinson – 19/06/2015

“Massages were great”

Thank you both so much, we have had a lovely time. We have enjoyed our relaxing time, spa , massages were great! A wonderful place for time away from it all to unwind. Best of luck in the future and we hope to come back for some more.

Andrew and Joanne – 19/06/2015

“What a wonderful relaxing weekend”

What a wonderful relaxing weekend! Thanks so much to you both – massages, conversation, breakfast and such a comfy bed. Loved the pampering and we will be back.

Roger and Sue Stack – 19/06/2015

“The health I experience with my regular massages”

Since seeing Donna over the years I have not suffered the usual colds and illness. I cannot put it down to anything but the health I experience with my regular massages.

Eileen – 19/06/2015

“It’s the best massage I ever had”

Donna you have a special touch, it’s the best massage I ever had! Thank you.

Sally Gardner – 02/02/2015

“Lovely to wake up with no back pain”

Lovely to wake up with no back pain! Many thanks again.

Hugh – 14/01/2015

“A great instructor who gave clear understanding”

I have done my fist Qi Gong class with Gordy today. A great instructor who gave clear understanding and it was a very well demonstrated class. Easy to follow and implement. I felt incredibly peaceful afterwards – cannot wait for the next class!

Raechel – 11/07/2014

“Amazing healing experience”

As a 54-year-old woman with lots of aches and pains and some medical issues another of Gordon’s clients recommended that I see him as they said he had “an amazing ability to heal with massage”. I checked out the Villa Donna website and noticed Gordon also delivered other options including Reconnective Healing; something I hadn’t heard of before. I did some research, felt it resonate and so made a booking. Gordon’s welcome and down to earth approach instantly put me at ease. As soon as the healing commenced my body reacted to the process. After the session I felt an increased happiness, calmness and clarity, noticed a diminished pain in my knees (from osteoarthritis) to the extent that I could cope with the pressure of kneeling for the first time in years. I also noticed increased productivity in my workday. Since that first session I’ve completed three healings and “The Reconnection”. The Reconnection was quite a different experience to the healings. During session one I felt parts of my body vibrated significantly more than during my healings and my I noticed many new energetic sensations. Afterwards I noticed I was glowing from the inside. My body continued to respond throughout the night. The second session turned out to be quite different from the first. There were less noticeable physical responses however after the session ended I continued to feel energetic sensations on my skin. Overall I can report my experiences with The Reconnection, through Gordon, have resulted in health improvements in that my aches and pains have subsided, I am more motivated and relaxed; and on-going medical test results have increasingly shown improvements. If you’re looking for amazing healing experience and want to be supported by a true professional I recommend you see Gordon, I’m confident you won’t be disappointed!

Wendy – 06/06/2014

“The healing was unbelievable”

The healing was unbelievable, very worthwhile. I have dropped my diabetes high sugar levels down to almost normal in 6 weeks. I have followed Donnas advice and changed my diet to help with this. Thanks guys! New man!

Chris – 23/03/2014

“I have lost 2kg already”

I have lost 2kg already! Only 3 weeks into the training. I am really enjoying the challenge of the swiss ball and free weight exercises. Im already into some tops I couldn’t wear, thank you so so much! The combination of the training and massage is just perfect. I was trying to decide between the two – then I found you Donna!

Donna – 26/03/2014

“Very worthwhile”

I manage a number of staff, stress is a major component. Other than being deeply relaxed and feeling extremely calm after my treatment, I have particularly noticed how quick and clear my mind is. Noticing small but rather impactful changes continuing since the treatment, very worthwhile!

Terri – 29/12/2013

“Gordy did his thing it cleared within a few hours”

Gordy was able to heal my horses severely swollen fetlock with reconnective healing. The walking and antibiotics weren’t working very well. After Gordy did his thing it cleared within a few hours!

Juliette – 16/12/2013

“Gordon’s contribution was a healing and counselling session”

Our father recently died of a terrible cancer caused by asbestos. During his illness Gordon’s healing hands assisted dad to breath and enjoy a quality of life for the time he has left on earth that he might not have otherwise had. Not only did Gordon ease dad’s suffering but he took care of me as his caregiver too. I can truly say Gordon’s contribution was a healing and counselling session with a free massage chucked in. Slange Var Gordon with much gratitude from Karen and Norman xox

Karen Carter – 26/11/2013

“My feet feel amazing”

Reflexology from Donna has taken away my sinus problem in one session. My feet feel amazing!

Robbie – 23/10/2013

“Woke absolutely free of pain”

Slept like a baby. Woke absolutely free of pain in shoulders and arms and no cramps in legs. What a joy! I’ll be back.

Bev Carter – 15/09/2013

“Great work Donna”

Donna has magic hands! Tension is always completely gone and I feel so great. Highly recommend if you enjoy a more nurturing massage that still achieves complete release of knots. Donna magically finds all the bits causing the problem. Great work Donna, thank you! The room is beautiful too.

Sophie – 13/08/2013

“Never have I been so amazed by a single session”

Gordon is a god in the world of massage. Never have I been so amazed by a single session that I was immediately hooked and so ensued about a year of weekly massages, each as magically healing as the first. I’ve never since found anyone with such talents since his departure from Auckland. I wouldn’t hesitate a single second to recommend Gordon for what ails you. Not only is he a talented and knowledge wealthy therapist, but a deeply profound and fascinating person to speak to, making every visit, an enlightening pleasure.

K. Aves – 05/05/2013

“Health & wellbeing has improved dramatically”

I’ve been working with Gordy on a regular basis for just over a year now and my health & wellbeing has improved dramatically on so many levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It’s a journey of healing & transformation. Thank you Gordy

Alkje – 16/04/2013

“Donna really personalises a programme”

Donna really personalises a programme to suit me that pushes me and helps motivate and encourage me to meet my goals.

Sandi – 17/08/2012

“Donna has shown me great training techniques”

I learnt more in my first personal training session with Donna than I had ever learnt with other trainers! Agility and flexability being my key needs – Donna has shown me great training techniques. Professional side car racer – Tauranga

Robbie Shorter – 11/08/2012

“Gordy’s a genius”

Donna gave me a fantastic health and fitness program, which I could easily incorporate into my day. Plus if you suffer from migranes, then Gordy’s a genius!

Kate – 20/09/2011

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