Breath, movement, relaxation – combined, creates strength and flexibility of the body and mind. I am highly qualified to ensure you an enjoyable and safe journey. Kiss insomnia, anxiety and depression goodbye!
Yoga and the neuroscience connection, and the significance of slowing our practice down.

When we slow down, there is space to pay attention to the relationships between mind and body, breath and body, and breath and mind. This calms and balances the nervous system, which in turn improves the immune system response and gives you a deep sense of well-being.

You can double your flexibility in 30 days, by practicing some very specific poses for just 15 mins per day. The key is the breath ratio and relaxing fully into the pose in a very different way.

I show you how to get your mind and body working with you and for you.


Yoga changed my whole body and perspective on life, giving me great motivation to stay with it.

Calmness of the mind, control and clarity of your emotional state and feelings of joy come from just 10 mins gentle yoga each day.

Yoga means unity, consciousness and connecting to your highest self.

In turn this allows us to manage our lives well and connect meaningfully with others.

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