Breath, movement, relaxation – combined, creates strength and flexibility of the body and mind. I am highly qualified to ensure you an enjoyable and safe journey.

Group classes are not always the most ideal way to be introduced to yoga. Understanding of your body and how yoga is best applied for you to see improvement is required first. The intent and correct alignment in a pose (asana) is very important and often a mystery to some after trying a group class. There is also a lot more to yoga than (asana) body shapes on the mat. Yoga goes beyond the muscles and bones focus.

The mind must be engaged in the process and an understanding of the movement, breath and safe practice for your unique body!

There is always a smile on your face in yoga practice!

Yoga changed my whole body and perspective on life, giving me great motivation to stay with it. I have achieved for myself and many clients, a pain free body and a mind that copes with daily stresses with ease.

Yoga is different to physical exercise. It is a journey that produces true health and vitality, that you experience for yourself and is difficult to describe.

The less flexibility you have, the more benefit you will get from yoga!  Release conditions such as stress, muscle and joint pain, insomnia and indigestion – all with the right yoga for you.

Yoga means unity, consciousness and connecting to your highest self. In turn this allows us to manage our lives well and connect meaningfully with others.

I have studied in Nepal to complete a  500 hour diploma recognised by the World Yoga Alliance.

I am able to challenge your current levels of strength, mental focus and flexibility even if you have been immersed in yoga practice for a while.

I can surprise the stiffest person and the person with pain. Let me help you improve your mobility and quality of life overall with yoga therapy, tailor made for you.


Qualified teacher of –

Hatha therapuetic yoga

Yin Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga

Vinyasa Flow


Beginners yoga

Powerful healing yoga package – 75 minutes of yoga, any style. $60 per session.

Every 10th session free. Packages of yoga and massage are available. Please request a package to suit you.

Not sure what you need? Lets talk – Any questions are welcome.

We can decide together what you would enjoy and recieve most benefit from.

All equipment supplied. Wear easy to move in exercise clothing.

After a couple of classes with me you will be able to safely and confidently practice at home if you wish.

Donna is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher. International certification Yaga Alliance accredited – Santosha Yoga school (Bali) 200 hours. 2016.

300 hours at Mandala Yoga school in Nepal – World Yoga Alliance Diploma in Therapuetic Hatha Yoga, Yin, Ashtanga and meditation. Completed  2018.

Donna has 14 years experience as a remedial massage therapist, nutritionist and personal trainer.

Specific conditions ie migranes, arthritis, muscle pain, stiff joints, scoliosis, kyphosis,  high or low blood pressure, diabetes – are within Donna’s scope of practice as a yoga practitioner.

The teachers who taught me are highly qualified at Masters and PhD level, with a minumum of 20 years yoga teaching background themselves. My immersion was in yoga history, aruveyda health and nutrition, pranayama (breathing techniques), mudra (energy connecting), Pranic body state (exploring how the mind body and energy levels are all connected), correct application of asana (Body positions and movement) for all situations and body types. Meditation to invigorate, for relaxation, balance the body, balance the chakras, chanting and much more.

It is recommended that you do not eat for 2 hours prior to your yoga practice. Drink water before yoga, not during.

Group classes are available after one on one sessions, these will recommence from 2019 once new yoga shala is complete.


World yoga alliance accredited teacher. Total 500 hours 2018

International Accreditation, certified intructors. Oki Do, Zen Yoga Master, Melbourne. Yoga Alliance – Hatha, vinyasa flow. 2014

Santosha Yoga RYS 200 – postural, remedial and deep relaxation. 2016

Bay Bliss yoga school, Australia – certificate in pregnancy yoga . 2017

International Rainbow Yoga – for children 3years to 16 years. 2018

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